a massively parallel, large-scale structure toolkit

nbodykit is a massively parallel, open source project and Python package providing a set of state-of-the-art, large-scale structure algorithms useful in the analysis of cosmological datasets from N-body simulations and observational surveys.

Driven by the optimism regarding the abundance and availability of large-scale computing resources in the future, the development of nbodykit distinguishes itself from other similar software packages (i.e., nbodyshop, pynbody, yt, xi) by focusing on:

  • a unified treatment of simulation and observational datasets by insulating algorithms from data containers
  • support for a wide variety of data formats, as well as large volumes of data
  • reducing wall-clock time by scaling to thousands of cores
  • deployment and availability on large, super-computing facilities
  • an interactive user interface that performs as well in a Jupyter notebook as on a super-computing machine

All algorithms are parallel and run with Message Passing Interface (MPI). For a list of the algorithms currently implemented, see Available Algorithms.

The source code is publicly available at https://github.com/bccp/nbodykit.