0.2.5 (unreleased)

  • CSVFile and CSVCatalog no longer fails to read the last line of data when the file does not end in a newline
  • CylindricalGroups algorithm added for computing groups of objects using the cylindrical grouping method of arXiv:1611.04165
  • SimulationBoxPairCount and SurveyDataPairCount classes added to perform pair counting of objects in either simulation boxes or from survey data catalogs


  • transform.StackColumns renamed to vstack
  • transform.concatenate function added, which takes a list of source objects, and returns a new Source that has the concatenation of all data
  • compatibility with halotools version 0.5
  • ability to resample a MemoryMesh object
  • bug fixes related to calculation of growth rate in cosmology module
  • ArrayCatalog can now be initialized from a dictionary or structured array
  • add a ProjectedFFTPower algorithm, that computes the FFT Power, but can project over certain axes, i.e., projected axes have their power averaged over
  • FITSCatalog added to the io module, for reading FITS files
  • KDDensity to quickly estimate local density in density region.
  • FOF also identifies Peak position and velocity.


  • use of resampler keyword in the paint function for compatibility with pmesh versions >= 0.1.24
  • bug fixes and code cleanup


  • package maintenance updates only


  • base dependencies + extras (halotools, h5py); install all dependencies via pip nbodykit[extras]
  • meta-data calculations in FKPCatalog now account for Source selection properly
  • support for numpy int/float meta-data in JSON output files
  • Cosmology instances no longer return attributes as Quantity instances, assuming a default set of units
  • renaming of various classes/module related to the nbodykit.Source syntax
    • no more nbodykit.Source in nbodykit.lab
    • nbodykit.source.particle has been renamed to nbodykit.source.catalog
    • source objects are now catalogs – there class names have “Catalog” appended to their names
    • added individual catalogs for different file types in, i.e., CSVCatalog, HDFCatalog, etc
  • the .apply operation is no longer in place for sources; it returns a view with the list of actions extended
  • galaxy type (central vs satellite) stored as integers in HODCatalog